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Know your customer

Your customers are not one-size-fits-all customers. ECHOO arms you with the insights for each customer profile in the online and offline worlds. These insights are needed to create a personalized and automated experience at the right time and location, for regular to sporadic customers.

Building blocks of the future

ECHOO the API-based Software as a Service (SaaS) is built to integrate into your existing infrastructure. Enter the new age of enterprise cloud-based products, that creates the building blocks for the future of internet-based software. It extends your existing IT landscape of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Information Management (PIM) or other applications like Marketing Automation or Shop-software.

Engage users & improve data quality

Let your customers do the work for you, and improve the data quality of your CRM by engaging your customers to enter their interests via mobile, desktop or tablet, and reward them for keeping everything up-to-date.

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    Data at your fingertips

    ECHOO is the datahub of all your touchpoints and connects the dots between online, mobile and in-store.

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    Replace plastic cards

    Make it easier for your customers to authenticate at the POS. Where a plastic card is only a means of identification, the tailored mobile app and the POS app offers faster and better consumer and member services.

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    Apps & integrations

    We’ve built developer-friendly APIs for popular Product Information Management (PIM) systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, Campaign Tools and Online Shop software.

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    We use Marketing Automation to create highly personalized and targeted campaigns through social media, newsletters, and mobile and desktop apps.

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